Life @ IKYA

Choose the path that YOU want.

As an organization that seeks to revolutionize the way things work, we look for individuals who have the enthusiasm to excel themselves every day.

The onus of IKYA Global lies in its zeal to explore the unexplored and do the undone. Spread across several fields of work that include the Agriculture, Education, Engineering, IT & BPO, and Management Services sectors, IKYA Global seeks to have on board talented minds; with a passion to bring new emotions to the world and make it better, one step at a time.

Freedom of Expression

We are proud to say that we treat our employees with respect at all times. Our employees work in a diversified environment, designed to bring out the best in them. At IKYA Global, you have the freedom to do ‘your thing – your way’. We give you the time and opportunity to explore your talents, helping you grow as an individual and, simultaneously as a valuable asset to the company.

The Open Doors

It’s all about ‘situational leadership’. At IKYA Global, you are your own boss. We believe in a non-hierarchical, open-door culture, letting the person with the relevant core competency take the leadership over a given situation. At IKYA, we give you the freedom and support to flourish in all the ways that you decide.

Why work at IKYA Global?

Work at IKYA is a transforming experience designed for those who take decision and actions. If you want to be the leader in your path, IKYA Global is the place for you.

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