IKYA Global Foundation

IKYA Global Foundation (IGF), a group initiative of IKYA Global was launched in December 2011. IGF is a service-oriented foundation that works for social uplifting and empowerment of youth and women in the areas of Education, Agriculture and Engineering. IKYA Global Foundation encourages innovators. IGF also works with communities for Rural Transformation.

With over two years of intensive work to identify the right innovations by the parent company IKYA Global, IKYA Global Foundation helped create a Triple Bottom-line congruous for Employment, Economy and Environment. IKYA Global Foundation (IGF) has been working closely in collaboration with the Government of India Institutes like NIRD, CIPET, and other private organizations including NGOs.


IKYA Global Foundation actively takes part in advocating Sustainable Agriculture Campaign in India. Advocating Integrated Rural Development Framework (IRD), IGF’s continuous and committed efforts are to facilitate farmers with timely advice for better productivity and to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit.

The first step is to educate and increase the farmers’ capacity to produce agricultural products that have a global market value, through ‘Sustainable Farming Practices’. The next step is delivering the produce to the consumer directly from the farm, which involves tapping the domestic markets through retail and international markets through export. The process is to delayer middlemen.


At IKYA Global Foundation, we look to deliver quality and consistent Educational & Training services. Our continuous efforts in this direction resulted in enabling us to offer various programmes and services to the youth of our nation, irrespective of their backgrounds and demographics. The programmes we offer develop the right attitude, self-confidence and self-esteem to pursue professional ambitions of the youth of India.

IGF aims to meet the skill gaps among graduates by making them globally competent. For this, IGF collaborated with Government and credible institutes in India & abroad, to bring in programs that are affordable and improve the skills of employability among the students.


IKYA Technovations is an initiative of IKYA Global Foundation running for over two years until date. It deals with Product/Service Development, Commercialization and Reach. The company provides a platform for innovators of various backgrounds.

IKYA Global Foundation works to make the world a better place. We understand our responsibility towards the environment. All our products and services are developed keeping in mind the ecological and economical impacts they are bound to have. The core attribute of every idea we nurture is its passion. IKYA Technovations provides a platform to provide value to technology. The raw materials used are eco-friendly, biodegradable materials; developed to make a difference to our daily lives.