Celebrating Independence Day by giving light to the needy through solar bulbs

This year the Independence Day brought more than just the flag-hoisting celebrations for the people of Prashantnagar community near Kukatpally. It brought independence from darkness. Yes, in literal terms. By this, we mean that this Independence Day the IGF ambassadors took up the task of installing the solar bulb, Liter of Light at the slum community.

It wasn’t just the elders who were involved in this activity. A heartening involvement from the kids in cheering the volunteers was a morale boosting adrenaline for the cause. The enthusiasm, energy, and excitement from the innocent souls were indeed a stimulant for positivity.

A day ending in smiles – that is what we all enjoyed throughout the installation. It is certain to say that these smiles will last for a long time to come. An efficient, cost-effective source of light – it’s what we all want, right?