IKYA Engineering – provides a platform for grassroots innovators of varied backgrounds. People from rural and semi urban areas have great potential towards technological innovation. However, their innovations are at either a conceptual stage or a raw-prototype model.

We provide these innovators a direction by mentoring them and helping them realize the dream of launching their products. With over two years of intensive work, we established ourselves as incubators for various innovators and their inventions. Our in-house team of engineers work alongside these innovators from the basic conceptual stage of the product to its development and then to marketing.

Product Development:

Every product designed and developed by our technical team is ecologically safe. Product development at IKYA Global involves eight stages -

Our purpose is to get the best product at the best cost and ensure a timely delivery. Product Development essentially involves the following stages -

  1. 1. Fine-tuning the concept
  2. 2. Developing a prototype model
  3. 3. Value addition through technological up gradation
  4. 4. Raw material procurement for bulk manufacturing
  5. 5. Customization to suit business/domestic needs
  6. 6. Standardization through Quality Control checks
  7. 7. Testing and patenting
  8. 8. Packaging for commercialization
  9. 9. Developing distribution channels to reach customers
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