Consulting Services

In today’s Business Environment organizations are ambitious to exceed ordinary expectations and enjoy extraordinary growth. IKYA Global offers conscious strategies to provide that edge through processes defined by experts of National and International repute with a profound insight and keen institution by optimizing resources to meet objectives of organizations.

IKYA Global Consulting Services

IKYA Global offers consulting services for start-ups and SMEs to help them establish and scale-up their operations as successful entrepreneurs, nationally and globally. We have a team of qualified and learned experts who utilize their knowledge for a synergistic growth process. These services are broadly classified into

Business Consulting

These services are essentially to support start-ups end-toend need-centric services which are mostly non-core activities right from formation of a company to tools/solutions/interventions for smooth operations thereby enabling them to focus on their core businesses.

Management Consulting

These services primarily involves in hand-holding services that will fuel organizations growth to scale-up Business operations through robust strategies and cutting edge business processes.

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